Bask In The Glory Of A Four-Rotor Mazda RX-7 Blasting Around Laguna Seca

The 600-horsepower 1991 Mazda RX-7 IMSA GTO is a four-rotor symphony of mighty Wankel engine sounds. Pro racer Joel Miller stuck a camera on his helmet so you can experience all the loud noises from home—that is, if you can crank your home stereo up to “definite noise violation from two counties away.”

This footage is from a 15-minute vintage sprint race around Laguna Seca. The thoroughly insane RX-7 not only goes to plaid and then some—I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes when he gets to the long straight, man—but it also laps most of the field. That’s right: in only 15 minutes.


Of course when you’re racing a full-tube-frame, 2,100-odd pound four-rotor RX-7, that’s kind of to be expected. Road & Track has a fun piece on what it’s actually like to drive this car from a couple years ago, if you’re curious. It’s all very heavy and the gearbox requires you to rev-match just to go into gear, but the phenomenal grip and speed make it all sound very worth it.

All of that power gets routed through an H-pattern manual gearbox, too. Holy crap, this is a fun onboard video.

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