I spent all day Saturday in the hometown of Jeep—Toledo, Ohio— celebrating Jeep’s 75th anniversary at the the first ever Toledo Jeep Fest. For Jeep people, on that one day, Toledo became the greatest place on earth.

Toledo’s relationship with Jeep goes way back to World War II, so there were folks at the Jeep fest whose families had worked in local Jeep plants for generations. Clearly the now seven-slotted vehicles are built into the city’s very identity.


That made itself clear when thousands of Toledoans left their homes to witness and participate in a parade of nearly 1,000 Jeeps crawling down their city’s streets.

Driving my Jeep Cherokee in the parade down the streets of Toledo—where my beloved SUV was built over 20 years ago (in the same plant as the WWII Willys MB)— was an experience I’ll never forget. Some people even recognized Project Swiss Cheese driving in the parade!

Just look at that crowd! It was Jeeptopia.

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