Bask In The Classiest Glory Of This Mud-Coated Monster-Truckified Limousine

Sometimes you just see a vehicle that’s so gloriously silly and impractical that you must have it. Here is a Lincoln Town Car limousine called “Mud Force One” that’s been lifted for one glorious purpose: ultimate mud domination. It’s such a rolling contradiction that I’m in love.

The world’s coolest limousine appears in this compilation of bounty hole runs from the Country Compound’s Trucks Gone Wild weekend in Imlay City, Michigan. A bounty hole is just that—a big mud hole to conquer, where the farthest truck wins.


This slimy, deep clay seems to catch everybody out. You can just see the disappointment wash over the extra-tall-wheeled Ram driver’s face when he realizes that his slow and steady approach has just gotten him stuck.

Mud Force One serves the Hoon-ited States of ‘Mudica nobly, taking the same slow and steady route as the Ram while still getting a decent distance into the mud. It’s everything I’ve ever wished for in my hopes and dreams.

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