I won’t lie: the CT6 was a hard car to photograph. Its lines didn’t inspire me to leap around it and madly snap pictures of it. I still think it’s a handsome car, but once you get the front, the rear and the sides of it, that’s pretty much all you need to see. Still, though, I parked it in some pretty places, sometimes got in real close.

The front badge wasn’t actually a badge, I discovered. It didn’t have the texture that the others did. There’s probably a sensor of some kind hiding under there.

These wheels are a $2,095 option.


This was an extremely nice place to sit and watch the water. It was cold outside.

I really liked these little badges. Very classy.


When it was still kind of clean.

A massage and adjustable seats for the rear passengers? Sounds great to me.


“I’m only burning my half, Mercedes.”