Barrett-Jackson's All About...Drifting?

To be honest, we've really got no idea what drifting has to do with the Barrett-Jackson auction out in Scottsdale, but for some reason it's part of FoMoCo's "Family Fun Day" party out west. Despite the lack of an understanding of "why," we do know the "what." That there is Tony Brakohiapa, a drifter born in West Africa and living in San Francisco. The dude's 28, and was a stunt driver in the most recent sucktastic "Fast & Furious" movie which I think was called "Tokyo Drift Like The Kids Are Doing" or something like that. He's drifting around the "course" in a 2005 Saleen S281 beefed up to 550 hp. We also know he's doing stuff in a Mustang we've never seen done before. We'll have more pictures and video later, and FoMoCo's press release giving no reason "why" either is after the jump. [Hat tip to the boldly moving WD!]


* Building on last year's success, Ford and Barrett-Jackson will again team up for the 2007 auction season in Scottsdale, Ariz. and Palm Beach, Fla.

* Ford to sponsor Barrett-Jackson Family Value Day on Monday, January 15 in Scottsdale

* Unique Mustang to be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, proceeds to benefit Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 8 - Ford and Barrett-Jackson, two American icons, will create more history in the auction world for 2007. Building on last year's successful auctions in Scottsdale, Ariz. and Palm Beach, Fla., Ford will team up with Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, LLC, as a key automotive sponsor.

Ford will sponsor the Barrett-Jackson Family Value Day, scheduled for Monday, January 15. In its second year, Family Value Day is dedicated to bringing in the young generation of car enthusiasts by offering discounted tickets for adults and allowing children under the age of 12 in for free. Last year's first-ever Family Value Day brought in 25,000. All cars that will be auctioned off during the event are available for viewing on Family Value Day before the actual auction begins.

"Our experiment during the 2006 auction of opening for a day dedicated to families was a great success," said Craig Jackson, president and CEO of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, LLC. "It was a pleasure to see thousands of kids and their parents enjoying the event, knowing that a whole new generation of hobbyists is emerging. We are thrilled to join forces with Ford to make this year's Family Value Day even more exciting for our guests."

In addition to Ford's sponsorship of Family Value Day, the automotive manufacturer is announcing they will auction off a unique Mustang at the Scottsdale auction with proceeds benefiting The Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation.

"Barrett-Jackson is the world's most unique platform for selling the world's most unique cars," said Robert Parker, Ford car marketing manager. "It's not just about classic cars and resto mods anymore, Barrett-Jackson has become a great venue to sell premier models of some of Ford's latest and greatest cars."

As part of its sponsorship, Ford will once again bring interactive elements to Barrett-Jackson. A drifting track and a dyno-simulated drag racing display were some of the experiential elements Ford brought to the 2006 events. "We've found that experiential elements allow us to better connect with our customers," said Parker. "We created a lot of memories for our current and future customers in 2006 and we intend to do the same in 2007." Feature cars from the manufacturer will also be among the elements that Ford will bring back to the event, adding an entirely new element to the Barrett-Jackson experience.

"Barrett-Jackson has grown into a week-long celebration of a mixture of cars, luxury, family, technology and fun," added Jackson. "Ford brings to the table a little bit of all of the above, making this sponsorship alliance the perfect mixture to offer something for everyone."

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