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Robosaurus just sold in all of it's car-crunching amazingness, for a sale price of just $575,000 here at the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction and told the world he'd promise "not to eat any of your car collection." We remember seeing monster trucks at the Pontiac Silverdome in the 80's — but like most kids, the highlight of our day was seeing Robosaurus munching on cars and turning them into automotive-flambe. So seeing him sold off on big money BJ day at Barrett-Jackson is kind of — we dunno. We actually don't know what to think about it yet — even though we've known it'd be up for sale since October. but we're a little disappointed bidding didn't break the $5.5 million from last year's sale of the Shelby. Don't people understand how amazing this thing is? Full description from the Big BJ after the jump and we'll have video up shortly for ya.


You are now embarking on the purchase of a life time, the opportunity to own and operate "The World's Largest Robot", Robosaurus, the ICON of robotics worldwide. This 40' tall, 31 ton mechanical dinosaur has thrilled crowds throughout the World since his birth in 1990 after two years of construction. Robosaurus would cost over 5 million dollars to develop and build today. Robosaurus in action is every child at heart's dream. The crowd feels the heat of 20' flames shooting from the giant nostrils and hears the sound of crunching metal as the foot high stainless steel teeth rip into a car with 20,000lbs of crushing force. Robo laughs and roars as the car easily rips apart. You, as the operator, feel the thrill of tearing a car in half, incinerating it and throwing it to the ground in flaming pieces. Buy this for your kids, your grand kids and best of all, the child in you. All this and you own a one-of-a-kind that has not even come close to being duplicated in the last 17 years of Robo's existence. Check out the amazing technology of Robosaurus and you will be enthralled by this state-of-the-art "Mechanical Wonder of the World". In addition to Robosaurus, you will receive the full show equipment including three racing radios, remote control special effects board, Telex transmitter and receiver system, HAM-band TV Station for live broadcast to pilot, Hi-8 video camera, programming console for on-board animation computer system, tool kit for loading and unloading, service, maintenance and operation manuals, touch-up paint and numerous transport cases. Other spare parts, shop equipment, materials, and the Semi-tractor for towing are available by separate treaty. Full maintenance and driver training available. Robo transforms into a 48ft semi trailer that is street legal in North America. Comes with current California trailer title. **This Lot is sold on a Bill of Sale. Special conditions will apply.**


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