Barbie Jeep Racing Down Virginia International Raceway Looks Like Way Too Much Fun

Gif: VIR

Barbie Jeep Racing is perhaps the most pure, good form of four-wheel racing on the planet. Put adults on de-powered kids’ toys, and let gravity do the rest. It usually leads to epic off-road downhill wipe-outs, but at this year’s Hyperfest, Barbie Jeep racers had to stay on Virginia International Raceway’s pavement.

Hyperfest is the east coast’s annual celebration of rad stuff in cars. There’s drifting, road racing, time trials, rally, high performance driver’s ed, karting, ride-alongs galore and a car show, among other things. This year’s event featured lawnmower racing, a burnout contest and a downhill Barbie Jeep Racing run, which makes it sound like Hoon of the Day Live!

The Barbie Jeeps took to the top of VIR’s Roller Coaster and rolled all the way down to Turn 17, with some obstacles to slow them down on the downhill. Some famous names even made the trip, including IMSA racers Andy Lally and James Clay.

While most relied on only their own foot-power to push off downhill, one racer got creative, as you can see in this video. Here’s hoping he didn’t singe any back-hairs with that one, as it’s the most incredible thing I’ve seen at one of these events.

Either way, it looks like a blast, so here’s a gratuitous clip from the burnout contest for good measure. I love burnouts, and we’re idiots for not going to this.


[All videos credit VIR!]

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Barbie Jeeps are so much fun!