Barack Obama Will Not Meet Rick Wagoner Without Preconditions

Barack Obama took time away from talking about his mother-in-law and a college football playoff system to talk about the automaker bailout in an interview on CBS' 60 Minutes. While admitting Detroit needs help, he said it's important to make sure it's conditioned on the stakeholders (labor, suppliers, execs) coming up with a plan for a sustainable domestic auto industry as opposed to just giving out "a bridge loan to nowhere." Oh, yes, he went there. This was taped before the scary GM video, which at the very least we're hoping, convinced him to buy a Save GM t-shirt.


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I want GM passenger cars with standard transmissions, efficient diesels or direct injection turbos, and simplicity of design and repair. I have been asking for this since 2000. They have given me nothing to buy, AND I WANT TO BUY something. They FINALLY were going to give me a diesel CTS wagon with AWD and standard manual 6 speed, and now, they roll over like a freaking opossum.

I'm exasperated and incredulous. Just stop already. Stop with your promises and excuses. Stop with your concept car teases. Stop with your Volt and the Disney visions of the future. Take your sorry promises, and all your lying ways, AND GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!


(Why do I love GM? Look at what it gets me... sniff..)