Banned Top Gear TomTom Is Still The Best GPS... In The World

Illustration for article titled Banned iTop Gear/i TomTom Is Still The Best GPS... In The World

Remember when Jeremy Clarkson put his amazing celebrity voice onto a TomTom Navigation device? And then the BBC made him scrap the deal because he's not allowed to endorse products? No? Well, Google it then.


However, if you really want to spite those stuffy old suits at the BBC, the banned Top Gear TomTom is now available on eBay. For a mere $314 'Murrican dollars, Clarkson's velvety voice will guide you to the grocery store, tell you your car is rubbish and instruct you on how to powerslide through red lights.

According to the eBay listing, the TomTom includes special features like Top Gear icons, voice control, and downloadable maps for countries that aren't England. Great news!

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Troll is English for Troll

Wow. That'll seriously be a great replacement of my now-dead GPS, R.I.P. :(