Bankroll Vector's Next Car by Buying These Two Avtech WX3 Prototypes for $3.5 Million

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Of all the wacko shit to come out of the ‘90s, Vector had to be one of the whackiest. Vector made wedge-shaped, truly weirdo cars in fantastically tiny numbers and a new hypercar is apparently coming. Vector just needs you to buy these two prototypes for $3.5 million to help fund the new car’s construction. Don’t you want to be the one to say that you helped bankroll Vector?

The two cars listed on DuPont Registry are the Avtech WX3 Coupe and Roadster Prototypes and being sold as a pair for $3.5 million. They were the ones that were shown at the 1993 Geneva International Auto Salon. Both cars have “1,000-horsepower capable” twin-turbo V8s and sequential shifting.


Apparently, Vector will also sign a buyback provision on both cars. From the listing:

Vector Motors Corporation will sign a 12 or 24-month buyback provision on both Vectors with a bonus upside for what was paid by purchaser or exchange for stock in The New Vector Motors Corporation for double what was paid in a sales transaction as these two Vector Prototypes are priceless as related to Vector Legacy and History. Funds from the sale of these two Vectors will be applied towards the all-new Vector WX8 Hypercar Prototype construction that is currently in process.


Did you see that? Vector stock! Plus bragging rights—you get to say that you funded one of the greatest American automotive contributions ever. You, a mortal, could be one of the few lucky ones chosen to be a part of an American legend in the making! (If the new Vector car gets made, of course! We’re super-hoping that Vector will build the car!)

You can check out the listing of the Brilliant Amethyst roadster and Brilliant Aquamarine coupe here.


via Motor1