Bank Puts Jenson Button Inside An ATM

Sponsors have a lovely way of making drivers do slightly uncomfortable things in the name of marketing, and bank Santander is no different. They recently put Formula One driver Jenson Button inside an ATM as part of their Secret Santander campaign.


I'm not sure about you, but anytime I see a human face tinkering with the automatic teller that houses a boatload of my personal financial information, you're darn right that my first instinct would be to jump.

Jenson may be one of the friendliest faces in F1, but I'm surprised it didn't accidentally get punched by someone screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DEBIT CARD?! POLICE! POLICEEEEE!!!" in a fit of hysterics.


Button is all too happy to surprise customers with a few extra bucks on top of their ATM requests, though. That part I'd like.

Jumps aside, this ad does at least give you the warm fuzzies. It's not only an F1 driver surprising regular people, but surprising them in the best way possible: with cash.

(H/T The Checkered Flag)

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F1 drivers are becoming more and more like male models. I mean, think about every "campaign" they've ever had to do.