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Richard Heene — father of the infamous Balloon Boy — has apparently abandoned his internet wares and is now hawking the Heene Duty, which he describes as a "pick-up truck robot," at the Speciality Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. That's where one Jalopnik reader happened to bump into him and his sad display.


The "truck transformer" is apparently a top-heavy box on wheels with various functions that allow it to transport items from the back of a truck to another location. It features "Zoomer Technology" (Zoomer, of course, being the family dog and only Heene family member willing to still talk to Richard) and retails for $13,639 with a top-end price of $17,000 for the longest version.


How, exactly, this is a robot we may not know until it tries to kill one of his children on national television.

Our tipster says the booth at SEMA is "priceless" in that "it cost nothing." Also, Heene is apparently open to capitalizing on his Balloon Boy fame in pitching his product.

You can watch a spastic video of Richard Heene explaining the Heene Duty here. Oh how the never-mighty have fallen even further.

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