Having sold quite a few cars on Craigslist, I can say with some authority that there are no car buyers as flaky, confused, and generally maddening as Craigslist car shoppers. If you get 10 guys who want to come over to see the car, you might as well schedule them all for the same time and place, because only one will show up... if you're lucky. But maybe worst of all is the general cluelessness. If your ad features flashing bold 48-point text stating This car has a manual transmission. NOT AN AUTOMATIC!, complete with 50 photos of the gearshift, clutch pedal, throwout bearing, etc., the best you can hope for is that only 80% (instead of the usual 95%) of potential buyers will ask "hey is it a autamattick ur car?" Right. So, here's a seller of a $1,600 SHO who's seen a few of those guys as well, and he's making a valiant- yet doomed- effort to filter out the most crazy-making of car shoppers. We say he deserves Best of Craigslist status. Thanks to LTDScott for the tip! [Craigslist Western Maryland]