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Bad Boy Vettes To Host Party After Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix ALMS Action

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Just got this e-mail from Dan over at Bad Boy Vettes, the boys all about embracing the skull 'vette logo. They'll be having a party after Saturday's ALMS race at the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle. And hey, the fun part is you're invited. So if you're in Metro Detroit for the return of racing action to the city the French founded, the Americans built and automobiles enriched (props to WWJ), and you won't be out covering all the hot LeMans and IndyCar action (as we will be all weekend), head on over for a good time. Full e-mail and invite link below the jump:

Hey guys, we're trying to get the word out about a party we're hosting at a bar in detroit after the ALMS race this weekend. We did something similar (but lower key) this year in Le Mans and it went very well. Of course it's a "corvette party" but all alms fans are invited to come down and hang out, vip parking for corvettes though. The entire corvette team will be there, we'll be giving stuff away, the jagermeister girls will be there with shots, some hawaiian girls will be there or something... it should be a good time.


The official start time is 6:30 — which coincides with the end of the ALMS race — it's at Emerald City Harbor on the Nautical Mile in St. Clair Shores. Check out the official invite here.

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update - no jager girls (woops), but "some hawaiian girls" are actually rogue Hawaiian Tropic Girls turned badgirls (makes up for previous woops)