Baby Wildebeest Mistakes Blue Hyundai For Its Mother

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As per usual, National Geographic has a baby animal story that’s an emotional roller coaster, this time involving a baby wildebeest that started chasing a blue Hyundai Tucson after it was separated from its herd in Africa. Somewhere, a Disney writer is taking notes.

Video shows the wildebeest calf chasing the Tucson down a dusty road, apparently due to an instinct that causes calves to follow the largest moving object near them, which is typically its mother in a herd. Except this little adorable calf got lost in a tragic metaphor of our time.


What’s gut-wrenching is that the baby wildebeest wasn’t just blindly following a moving object, as the video shows. When the Hyundai stops, the wildebeest goes up to it and tries to suckle from one of its tires. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

But you shouldn’t be crying! Because apparently the calf eventually made its way back to its mother, which was probably very upset that the calf put her through a scare like that, and that it better not ever get lost while migrating again. It could have been eaten!

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Urambo Tauro

Even baby bird knew better.