Baby Porsche Panamera Sedan Delayed To 2019 Or Later

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Crazy things are apparently in the works at Porsche these days. Things like a flat-8 Ferrari-fighter to sit above the 911 and a smaller, sub-Boxster roadster. One of those things is apparently not a smaller version of the Panamera sedan. At least, not for a while.

The UK'sCAR magazine reports that the baby Panamera — called the "Pajun" for Panamera Junior, the same way the Macan was known as the Cajun for a while — has been pushed back several years as part of the comprehensive overhaul of the lineup that's being planned at the moment.


This Pajun, which would almost certainly get a less stupid name if it came to market, would be aimed at further bolstering mainstream sales and competing with the BMW 5-Series sedan, Mercedes E Class, Audi A6 and Maserati Ghibli, the magazine says. It's something that's been discussed for a while.

But for reasons that aren't exactly clear, the Pajun has been put on ice for until 2019 at the earliest, the venerable magazine says:

In it, the Pajun was scheduled for launch within the next four years, but the plan is no longer valid. CAR understands that the Volkswagen parent in Wolfsburg needs all the support its Porsche satellite in Stuttgart can summon, so investments in future products have been pared to the bone.

So the Pajun doesn't make the cut, but the Baby Boxster tentatively called the 718 will? Interesting. One would assume the former would be a much larger guarantee of profits and sales. After all, while some enthusiasts balk at the Panamera and the SUVs, they have been and continue to be strong sellers.

CAR claims the baby Panamera would have an all-V6 lineup at first, which they say will include diesel and gasoline engines topping 500 horsepower in some cases.


Grain of salt, as always, but I have a feeling we will see this car eventually. You know people are gonna buy it.