I just drove 70 miles from the track to civilization— yeah, it's called the B.F.E. G.P. for a reason— and can't dredge up the energy to write much here. Let's just look at the end-of-day Top Five Lemons:

Sitting in first position with a commanding 7-lap lead (which equates to about 17 minutes at the second-place car's pace) is the Houston LeMons-veteran Ghetto Motorsports Mazda RX-7. If this team avoids penalties and/or mechanical problems, they've got this thing sewn up... but a lot can happen on a race track. We'll see how they fare on Sunday.

The DumBoyz Investments (& Racing) E30 spent the day pretty much lurking under the radar, gradually creeping up in the standings until it wrapped up the day in the second position. If the Ghetto Motorsports car stumbles, the DumBoyz should be ready to pounce.


The Team Marvin Martian Saab 9000 Turbo spent most of the day as the top car (and making an incredible noise with its mock-billet, blinged-out blowoff valve), but nuked the engine with about 20 minutes to go in Saturday's race session. The Martians aren't giving up, though— they're making a crazed run to pick up another engine, and then they're going to swap it in tonight.


Whoa, an Audi 90 in the Top Five? Yes indeed! The Owdee Audi sits 13 laps behind the leader, and that could change in a hurry if a couple of the top teams screw up.

Just a couple laps back of the Owdee, the Racing For Cancer Awareness Toyota MR2 has somehow managed to avoid the overheating and/or oil-starvation problems endemic to the breed.

OK, that's it for now. Check in tomorrow for more LeMons action!