Azealia Banks Apologizes To Elon Musk, Starts a Tesla Fan Fiction Contest

AP Photo: Azealia Banks. Illustration by Justin Westbrook.

Tesla may not be going private after all, but the drama from that ordeal is far from over. Are you excited for more? Strap yourselves in, kids, it’s gonna be a long night.


Singer Azealia Banks continues to make Instagram posts about Tesla CEO Elon Musk and artist Grimes, his (maybe now ex?) girlfriend, and Banks claims she did in fact meet Musk in person around the time he sent his now-infamous tweet claiming funding was “secured” to take Tesla private. That tweet has since sparked a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, making Banks a potential witness in the case.

But after blasting Musk on various Instagram stories, she has since penned an apology she shared on her own accounts concerning all of the “painful events” caused by her posts, which included allegations that Musk was tweeting while on acid.

Then she promised a cash prize for whoever could write the best Tesla fan fiction, suggesting she is not done posting.

You’re not on wine or Ambien (unless you are); this is an actual thing that is happening in 2018.


According to the Instagram account elon_azealia_drama, which claims to document all of Banks’ posts concerning her Musk beef, she posted to her story about how this whole situation has made her better educated about the stock market, and offered an explanation for where she was when she claims to have witnessed Musk seeking investors in his kitchen.


According to screenshots on the account, she also claimed she did in fact meet Musk in person, and most importantly, she shared details of how to enter and win her Tesla fan fiction contest.


In the screenshots below of Banks’ Instagram story from Saturday and Sunday, the artist explains her reasoning for sharing what she claims where her experiences while visiting Musk’s estate under the premise of collaborating on new music with Musk’s then-and-possibly-current girlfriend Grimes.

“Over the time spent liaising said collaborations, I was welcomed to a lot of personal information about you. The stuff made me feel awkward and uncomfortable about being privy to, yet I never had any intentions of ever using the information against you. What started off as a cat-fight lead [sic] to some seriously unexpected consequences and I sincerely apologize,” Banks wrote in the letter dated August 19.

The letter posted to Banks’ story on Saturday.

Despite the sentimentality of Banks’ letter, she followed it up on her Instagram story this weekend with a post alleging Musk’s team still has her phone, which has been repeatedly denied by Musk’s spokespeople, along with a screenshot of a tweet casting a hypothetical movie concerning the events between Banks, Grimes and Musk, followed by screenshots of fans discussing how the media coverage of the past few weeks has failed to adequately cover her music career.


The Instagram story concerning Tesla ended with the promise of a $1,000 cash prize for the best fan fiction written about Banks and Tesla by October 31st.

The rest of Banks’ story concerning Tesla.

Jalopnik reached out to Tesla for comment. We’ll update if we get one

Over the past couple of weeks, Banks claimed she was left waiting alone at the Musk estate after being invited there to work with Grimes on music. In a rant posted to her Instagram story, she said Musk was a “beta male who took steroids and got hairplugs to convince himself he was alpha,” and alleged that Musk was “tweeting on acid fucking up his own stocks.”


In an interview with Business Insider, Banks followed that up by claiming she saw Musk in the kitchen “scrounging for investors to cover his ass after that tweet.” Musk and his spokespeople maintain that Banks and Musk never met.

Last week, Banks continued to post about Musk, claiming that his attorneys paid off her attorneys to take her phone and delete evidence. The screenshots she posted also showed Banks claiming she’s “like a very fierce protector of children,” and “can see them in the invisible world,” with Grimes allegedly then asking what the “invisible world” is after suggesting Banks get pregnant at the same time as her.


Since the start of Banks rampaging Instagram posts earlier this month, Musk has deleted his Instagram account and decided against taking Tesla private, multiple Tesla shareholders filed lawsuits over Musk’s tweets, and the series of events has reportedly resulted in an SEC investigation into Musk for fraud.

Anyway, start getting your fan fiction ready. You have plenty of material at this point.

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