Avis iPhone App: Reserve Your Rental Car Reach-Around On-The-Go

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Yesterday, Avis Rent A Car released a rental car reservation app for the iPhone, allowing you to reserve a car from any Avis rental location with an easy tap-and-type interface that's easier than using a web browser.

Although we think maybe they need to have someone take a quick run-through of the pictures they're using for each vehicle. Somehow we don't think the Ford Fusion's a GM product (check the gallery for further proof) or that there's any Avis location that'll rent you a Pontiac G8 GXP.

Also, for some reason, it shows that Detroit Metro airport has no cars to rent. Ever. Somehow we don't think Detroit's such a tourist and business attraction that they've completely sold out. But otherwise, the app seems fairly robust. Check it out in the gallery below, or download it yourself. Don't worry, it's free. Unlike the "GPS upgrade" on your rental.


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