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Some of us Jalops have busy lives and a fan base that is not only extensive, but always demanding of attention. As such, sometimes the coverage of a major hot rod show like Detroit's Autorama may be posted a bit late. Hey, you'd post late too if you had to beat off all those fans with a bent tie rod. Anyway, in the next couple of days, expect tardy posts. You know, my norm.

So here we go, let's start out with a doozy, a Monte Carlo SS wagon. Interested? I was too. How about a Monte Carlo SS wagon with eight TV's, a 2,500-watt sound system, and Autozone (or Murray's if you please) halo headlights? Conductor, this is my stop, I'm not frontin' on the body work, it's really nice considering it's based on the owner's imagination. Still, yowza. Check out the interior after the jump...

This image was lost some time after publication.

Yes, that's a set of TV screens in the IP, and one in front of the console, and one below that, and one in the glove box area, and if you look closely, there's one in the corner of the open suicide scissor door. I don't make it up, I just report it.


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