Automotive Supplier CEO's Wife Went Totally Ballistic On His Mistress

Johnson Controls is one of the largest automotive suppliers in the business, and there's a highly likely chance you've got some of their parts in your car. So it should be interesting to note that they just fired a consultant for having an affair with their CEO. And the whole thing is completely, brutally messy.

But don't worry, Johnson Controls CEO Alex Molinaroli won't be fired as well, despite being a full and willing participant in the affair, because of course he won't. That's how the world works.


Everything's coming out now due to a failed attempt at getting a restraining order by the executive consultant, Kristin Ihle, against Molinarili's estranged wife, according to Bloomberg:

On May 29, Molinaroli's wife of 28 years, Patsy, 59, sent an e-mail to Ihle: "I will destroy you, your family, and business just as you have done to me," according to the transcript of the hearing.

Later that day, while her husband was absent, Patsy Molinaroli fired a .38 caliber pistol at least four times in their Brookfield, Wisconsin, home, according to the criminal complaint. She also smashed window panes, a Pac Man arcade game and a china cabinet, leaving holes consistent with an aluminum baseball bat found in the kitchen, according to the complaint.

Obviously, this is sad, and Patsy Molinaroli has since filed for divorce from the man she went Elin Nordegren on. But the automotive supplier industry normally induces the same kind of adrenaline rush as Mystery Meat Mondays in your middle school cafeteria.


So for that, Johnson Controls, you win our Holy Crap What The Hell, Automotive Supplier? Award for this week. And it's only Wednesday.

Your move, Sensata Technologies.

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