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In its August issue, Automobile expands on a story in AutoBild last month indicating that a new Mercedes-Benz Fl gelt rer โ€” that's 300 SL gullwing to you, Yankee โ€” was being readied by the company's AMG division. According to the magazine, the 750 hp supercar, reportedly due to be slotted into the AMG lineup above the SL65 in 2011, will have the AMG-built 6.2 (6.3) liter V8, tweaked with a pair of turbos and linked to a seven-speed, dual-clutch tranny. The suspension will be mechanical (no air springs). They're even talking about a 1,000hp SLR overshadower to come later. Exactly. The 2010s are going to be fun!

Star with Wings (Stern mit Fl gein) [AutoBild]

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