Automobile Magazine Goes All Satire And Stuff

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Sure, we've lambasted their Editor-In Chief. Sure, less and less people read car mags these days. But that doesn't mean they stop trying. Heck, Automobile themselves even sent us a link to this satirical take on a review of the Bugatti Veyron by none other than Ezra Dyer. It's kind of funny with joke images of the Veyron vs. a Star Destroyer, among the dunes and even the photo of the journalist looks faked. If not, Ezra, dude, throw away that jean jacket it's 2006. It also follows the trend of fake stories in major car magazines like the fictional Ford Futura Review in the June issue of Car & Driver. What the hell is going on here? We make fun of your real content so you just make stuff up? At least Ezra's was kind of funny.


Ezra Dyer's 2006 Bugatti Veyron Drive [Automobile]
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