Automobile Gets The Skinny On Truck Planning At Dodge

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Given the current sales climate, it was probably about time somebody sat down with an automaker and asked them what the heck their plan was for trucks. Automobile's Phil Floraday interrogated the Chrysler folks about where the Dodge brand is going now that we're in the middle of the gaspocalypse. They spouted off something about making the Dodge Ram HD a bit more fuel efficient, and even reducing horsepower a bit. Then they wandered into smaller trucks.

Then they went on about how a a unibody design for the next Dakota is on the table. And they even went so far as to talk about a sub-Dakota pickup, sort of like the Dodge M80 Concept and then... the... some... firework hot dogs....{zzzzzzzzzz}


Editor's Note: Shhh! Be quiet! Ben apparently fell asleep from boredom while writing this post. Better head over to read Phil's piece at Automobile on your own. []

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@Ratieya: If fuel keeps rising the way it has over the past six months, the dirt bikes, speedboat, and the RV will become almost a thing of the past. Americans have always had an abundance of disposable income to purchase toys like bikes and boats, but now that fuel is taking up a greater portion of their income (to fuel the car, and their homes, not counting the increasing rates on electricity generated by oil) you will see a lower number of Americans using their toys, at least until everyone gets used to paying $6 or $7 a gallon for fuel.

Anyway, Ridgeline owners w are not the ones who will be loading up their vehicles this way. That's reserved for business owners who run their 3/4 and 1 ton trucks through their business for tax purposes.