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The self-styled sage of Detroit, Sweet Peet D., weighs in with his top twelve stories to watch for 2006. We've decided to join Peter's party and weigh in with our own opinions on the matters at hand. Follow along after the jump, and then click over to check out Peet's pontification.

Can Dieter Zetsche work his magic at Mercedes-Benz?
Peet: Maybe. Us: Yes.

Will Wolfgang Bernhard get Volkswagen back in the game?
Peet: Maybe. Us: Maybe.

Is Mark Fields really the answer for Ford?
Peet: No. Us: No.

Will Rick Wagoner survive at General Motors?
Peet: Maybe. Us: No.

Can GM - and Detroit - make it?
Peet: Maybe. Us: Yes.

Can the UAW survive?
Peet: No. Us: No.

Will Carlos Ghosn finally meet his Waterloo?
Peet: Yes. Us: Maybe.

Will Toyota take over the automotive world?
Peet: Yes. Us: Yes.

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