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We saw the Autoextremist. in the hallway by the media lounge, but he was with some woman and walking away from us. Amazingly, we showed restraint by not yelling "Sweet Peet!" In any event, Peet's posted his rundown of the North American International Auto Show, and he especially takes time out to lambast Chrysler over the Imperial and gushes over the new Camaro. He doesn't give the Challenger concept much love either, saying, "Chip Foose could have easily created something just like it in his shop." Ouch. Needless to say, we respectfully disagree with him on that one. Besides, if Foose built the Challenger, it'd have a two-tone paint job and bigger rims. And it's say "Foose" somewhere on it.

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime - The Autoextremist take on the 2006 Detroit Auto Show [Autoextremist]


Autoextremist's Year End Wrap-Up

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