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When the mainstream auto press zigs, Sweet Peet D. zags. WIth everyone all up in the GM plant closure story today, Peter DeLorenzo takes the time to remind us for the umpteenth time that Archduke Franz Ferdinand Pi ch (don't forget the umlaut, Peet) is a phenomenal engineer (917, 907, etc) and a terrible manager (Phaeton, grandiose pronouncements about VW competing with M-B while Audi competes with BMW). You know, all the standard Sweetness. He even throws in his patented, "answer to a question absolutely nobody was asking" schtick, although we didn't get a "" this time around. We suppose it's good not to blow your entire catchphrase wad all at once. Football! You bet! [UPDATE: Of course, eagle-eyed reader Jules is correct when pointing out that this is dear Peet's rant from last week. So we redact that beginning bit about the zigs and zags. The catchphrase stuff, though, we're stickin' with that.]

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