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You know, we always thought Carlos Ghosn's plan to uproot Nissan North America from Southern California and re-pot it in Tennessee sounded like a risky go. After all, what has Nashville given us of any worth since Hank Sr. and Patsy passed on to the great big Opry in the sky? Meanwhile, SoCal's given us all manner of great stuff Bukowski, X, Black Flag, the Minutemen, dubs, 909ers, Ishtar, etc. Still, Carlos' claim that "most" employees would make the move is turning out to be false. Unless by "most" Mr. Bean's long-lost twin means "less than half."


We once worked for a company where we were part of a close-knit crew that worked for below scale because we enjoyed what we were doing. Our department allowed the salespeople to go out and make a lot of money because we were backing them up. And then over a period of three months or so, the boss decided he could make even more money by outsourcing our jobs to people in Florida with know clue about anything. And where is that company now? From what we've seen, kinda in the toilet. Carlos had that out here in SoCal. Will he have it in Tennessee? Time will tell, but Sweet Peet D.'s already calling it his Waterloo.

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