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Autoextremist Knows Things You Don't, Not Afraid to Let You In On That

Illustration for article titled Autoextremist Knows Things You Dont, Not Afraid to Let You In On That

Whoof. Criminy and cripes if the Sweeter Peeter didn't wake up this morning in love with his own self-styled great import. The D. runs down the rumors flying about the Motor City this week, as well as parroting the downfall of the buff books. Interestingly, Peet comments, "Yes, a few titles will survive - Road&Track for the string back driving glove and pipe-smoking crowd who like to sit around the fire place and talk about the old days, and AutoWeek, which still clings to a modicum of immediacy in the Internet age." Wait a second, Mister Extremist, don't you publish weekly, as well?


He then goes on to boast of his own "modicum of immediacy" by smugly sniping, "And what are the chances that certain members of the automotive media will chase down every single one of these rumors (if they haven't started already) in a quest for the Next Big Story? That's a slam dunk, dead solid perfect sure thing, folks."

After a 22-year career in automotive advertising, Peter M. DeLorenzo founded - an Internet magazine devoted to news, commentary and analysis of the auto industry - on June 1, 1999. Since then, the site has become a weekly "must read" for leading professionals within and outside the auto industry, and DeLorenzo is considered to be one of the most influential voices commenting on the business today.


Detroit - The Rumor City. [Autoextremist]


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Al Navarro

I consider myself a pretty extreme auto enthusiast (as in most of our family vacation budget for 2007 is dedicated to a single driving-oriented event) and I wouldn't know about Mr. DeLorenzo's blog except that you mention it every once in a while.

Oddly, I discovered the Jalop via Gawker. And it's basically the only car-related blog I visit 'cept my own. I've got EVO magazine, Grassroots Motorsports, Winding Road every once in a while (that overly-gushing IMHO review of the Atom soured me a bit), and the Jalop. I don't need much more.