AutoExpress Specs Out the New Fiat 500 Cabrio

The UK's AutoExpress offers its take on what the Fiat 500 revival subcompact will look like in cabrio form. Fiat's reportedly working with Ford Europe on the new version of the iconic cinquecento, which insiders say will share innards with the next-generation Ford Ka. Whether or not Fiat's planning an Abarth performance version is a matter of debate. And AE reports Fiat hasn't confirmed a cabrio edition is on its way, but the mag's sources say it'll sport a cloth top not a folding hardtop like the slightly larger Opel Astra TwinTop, and launch with really small engines in the range of 1.1-liters. Still, that's more than twice the displacement of the original's 500cc engine, which makes the new model a relative monster. We'll see the finished product sometime in 2008. [Thanks to Dave for the tip.]

Fiat 500 blows top! [AutoExpress]


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