Autodelta Launches Supercharged Alfa Romeo 156 Tuner

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Alfa Romeo tuner Autodelta has introduced its Alfa Romeo 156 Super, powered by an aftermarket-supercharged version of that Alfa's Jet Thrust Stoichiometric (JTS) direct-injection gas engine. Jet Thrust whosits?:

(Chem.) of, pertaining to, using, or consuming, reagents in the exact proportions required for a given reaction; as, a stoichiometric reaction, i. e., a reaction which goes to completion, rather than stopping partway at an equilibrium point.

Webster 1913 Dictionary. Patrick J. Cassidy, 1913. 15 Jun. 2006.

(No problem. Anytime.) In Alfa's case, they're referring to the concept of the direct-injection engine, in which fuel is injected directly into the cylinder in perfect measure, allowing for greater control (no fuel is left to evaporate in the process). Enthusiasts who've noted the four-cylinder JTS-powered Alfa 156 lacks in muscle (despite having received a power bump from the pre-2002 Twin Spark days) are Autodelta's stock in trade. They've fitted the uno cinque sei with a supercharger and remapped the electronics, resulting in a horsepower bump from 165 to 220 in the process. We can't vouch for the performance gains, but we're all for adding power to Alfas. Next stop: A forced induction option range for the new Alfa 159 and Brera. We're giddy with anticipation.


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