The latest vehicle spotted near the set of Michael Bay's third robogasm is a lifted and anything-but-stock red Autobot-emblemed Jeep." The coolest upgrade? A gunner cage on the back. The only problem? It's not an actual vehicle from the movie.

Yup, it appears it was just a fanboy who decided to try his luck at having his Jeep โ€” which he'd named "Rollbar" after the Generation 1 character โ€” featured in Transformers 3 as a publicity stunt. It apparently did fool some set people, but not enough to actually make it on to the set. So sad โ€” we were totally hoping to see some Wrangler love in Bay's third installment of destroying our childhood.

Gallery of the fakery below:

(UPDATE: Hat tip to everyone in the comments for the full story!)

[via TFW2005]