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Auto Reviewers Prove YouTube Comments Are A Cesspool Of Garbage People

The commenters on YouTube are kind of the worst people. Water trash. Here, let the guys at Autoguide show you the types of comments they get every day.


Yes, these are funny to hear read out loud, but what the hell is wrong with the people writing them? Do they all live in the same basement apartment in Fargo? Are they all the same person?

Get a grip people.

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That's one of the things I like about Jalopnik is the commenters. They're usually pretty intelligent and even when they're not it's not like uber troll bad. I don't really care about Miatas or wagons, but when I go to other car sites (autoblog, others) that do cover cars like Lamborghinis and the new Mustang, and just have different articles types, and read the comments there it's like the dumbest kids from the back of my high school class are talking, or there's a bunch of stupid arguing and fighting, it's just dumb, lowest common denominator shit. That's why I like Jalopnik.