Patrick Hespen, fellow car enthusiast and PR rep for multiple car companies, passed away last week and at his funeral three Hellcats showed up for a "2,100 horsepower salute" to recognize a person beloved by many. Fellow gearheads at a wide range of car companies showed up with performance cars to rev as his casket went by, as you can see in the video above.

You should read this article for a full story of Patrick and funeral, but I'll just add that he was involved with more fun cars than I can even remember, somehow managing to always snag the best products because, I'm guessing, automakers realized how genuinely excited he would get about them.

I found out a little later than most that Hespen was undergoing chemo for bile duct cancer and, at the time, he played it off fairly casually considering he'd been given two years to live. He was looking forward to a track day with his Miata and excited about some road trips.

He was a great guy and he'll be missed by all of us in the industry.