Auto Industry Helping Advance Plastics Industry, Unfortunately

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Having a vehicle that looks too plastic-y is never a good thing, but the latest and advanced plastic manufacturers like Borealis and Sabic are looking to the auto-world to help further their cause of plastic. Borealis is using the Fiat 500 as its test vehicle for TPO. TPO is polypropylene-based Daplen thermoplastic olefins, whatever the hell that means. It really just translates to plastic that is very scratch resistant and has the ability to achieve uniform thickness. Opel is getting in on the high-tech plastic game, as well.


Sabic is implementing its plastics technology, Visualfx, in an Opel Corsa. This type of plastic uses two-shot molding and hydrographics. The nice part of this technology is that it allows for hardware and wires to be embedded between layers of plastic resin, making running wires a completely different ballgame. Bring on the plastic! [Core77]

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What if it's plastic that doesn't look/feel like plastic?