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If you saw some rubber in that parking lot there is a good reason. There has been auto-x there this year.

How dare they make a underpowered, weird, limited edition and unreliable car. No one wants that.” Read more

That was the best Challenger review I’ve ever read. I read it to my wife and she smiled big.  It pushed me over the edge T/A 392 it is. Thanks much. Read more


Yet, they have somehow garnered an enormous amount of respect from the automotive community.
Read more

“you feel instantly more connected to the road.” Read more

yep... there were CE V6 manual camrys back in the day.. of this gen. and some were equipped with the TRD supercharger (by owners) Read more

Great article, but can I just say fantastic work on the photography?! These are some great shots. You even managed to catch some “attractive” angles on that car. Plus, there’s no shame in something reliable. Sometimes it’s nice to have something on hand that you know will just work. Read more

My parents bought one of these brand new when i was in middle school in 2000. i’m 30 and they still have it. over 200k on the clock. always parked outside so the clearcoat is looking terrible (Toyota actually had some problems with the paint on these) but mechanically it is unbelievable how well that thing still runs Read more

William. I’m so glad you wrote this review as I LITERALLY just picked up an XV20 about a week ago. I got it from a buddy’s mom after the dealership tried to give them $200 for a trade in towards a Ford Fusion Titanium that they picked up. It’s in “Retirement Tan” as my friends call it. And I nabbed this wayward boat

A wagon variant was available in other parts of the world (I suddenly want that one too), but we never got it here. Read more

V20 Camrys are the best Camry.  I have two. a 1988 LE V6 that is nearly pristine with less than 90,000 miles on it.  And a 1990 DX I’ve driven since 1995.  120,000 miles the day I drove it home and over 277k as it sits now.  In all those miles, it only broke down once. New ignition coil and been fine ever since.   Read more

In a few decades this thing will be legitmately collectible! Will people lust after a 1999 Camry in 2049 the way we lust after early 70s Datsun 510s and things like that?  It seems weird to think of it that way, but that’s what we’re talking about.  We’ll all be riding along in windowless flying cars by then and some Read more

You said, “And because it’s lower to the ground than most modern cars and SUVs, you feel instantly more connected to the road.” Did you in fact mean it was “grounded to the ground”?  Read more

I remember my stepdad buying one new in 1998. It was the only new car he’d ever bought and he fuckin BABIED that car. Always garaged, always maintained. It was the very pretty forest green color and I remember riding in it when it was new and being amazed at how smooth it felt compared to my mom’s 1993 Camry wagon. Read more

DAAAAAAAMN, look at that acceleration squat!