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You’re right! I used to live on Dawson Street right by that bridge. Read more

Exactly! And, I didn’t demand that the crash but left out of the movie. It just feels weird that they used it in a trailer. Read more

Uhh, maybe another time. This article was just about Chevrolet. Read more

Haha, I should have included all of the imagery I couldn’t use because trucks were blocking the signs. I’d like to thank Street View’s historical imagery for making this post possible. Read more

While that line of reasoning is true, it was realized after the fact. None of this was considered by AASHO in 1930s, ‘40s or ‘50s. Read more

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If you watch the domestic Japanese series like Super GT or Super Formula, it happens all the time. It’s not rare for there to be green flag racing with recovery and other vehicles on track.

The reckless conduct of race organizers (including Honda, the owner/operator of Suzuka Circuit) and marshals in Japan is rarely

If I had more time, I would have gone into that aspect more. The Merckx category was the UCI Official category that got eliminated in 2014. Read more

The distance is measured relative to the track, not the precise distance travelled by the bike. Each lap is 250 meters, no matter how far the rider actually went. Read more

Yea, that’s one on me. Should have clarified I used the USDOT’s most extreme demographic in commuting studies a ‘6-car household’, the most likely group to purchase a Lucid Air Dream Edition in terms of annual income level. Read more

Not to mention that Cosworth had no interest in turbocharging the DFV until VPJ in IndyCar proved that it was possible and competitive. Then Cosworth did it themselves, forced VPJ to stop and leading to the team’s closure. Read more

It’s clearly the triple crown of letting a drunk stranger joy-ride your supercar to write it off for the insurance. Read more

The only pro is that racing is more profitable for the teams, the people offering the contracts in the first place.
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