Rory Carroll
Jalopnik EIC '48 Willys CJ-2A, '84 Porsche 911, '15 VW GTI, '07 Lexus GX 470.
Jan 12

Thanks Kuroneko. I know what the whining noise is, Justin does too—he actually had something like “gearbox whine”, but I changed it to “turbo noises” because I generally find those more enjoyable to listen to than gearbox noise. Good point though, copy updated.

Nov 23

I just called General Motors and they’re on my side. They said it’s O now. They also said “relax.”

Nov 23

It stands for Zero Output, six-cylinder. The first one was designed by Eugene Stoner and had a straight 6 but they couldn’t get it to run, hence the zero output.

Oct 27

I haven’t had it on a beach, but most of the hill climbs we were on were deep, loose sand. They were no problem, but I might spec a wider tire if I planned to be on the beach a lot.