Nick Goddard

And for the love of God it’s not a “mute point” and if you don’t care about something do not say “I could care less”. Read more

Yeah, just another example of how people nowadays use words without bothering to find out what they actually mean. It’s all a part of our lazy-ass, short-sighted society. Same goes with pronunciation: it isn’t “ho-mo-geneous,” it’s “hom-ah-geneous.” And “compare-able” is pronounced “comp-rable,” dammit! Read more

We see lots of Mercs in the workshops. the V8 R129 is the most amazing bargain at the moment. Read more

Oh man, this is too much. What an amazing thing to wake up to. Read more

Is lanesplitter going to come back at some point? Against all odds you guys managed to make the absolute best online motorcycle blog in the world practically overnight, and then.... You let it die. What gives? Read more

America’s best flat trackers versus MotoGP’s best flat trackers at Superprestigio tonight in Barcelona too -and it’s live and free on Read more

To some extent, he reminded me of John Britten. (Albeit a better-funded John Britten.) Out-of-the-box thinking based on a return to fundamentals, but with an eye to design. Although most never went beyond the development stage, I was always intrigued and excited by his bikes. His passing is a real shame. Read more

“Husqvarna will be ‘cold’ and ‘ice’,” anonymous KISKA representatives assured us, “by releasing Vitpilen 401 and 701 teasers, and then refusing to talk about them.”
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