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Hardigree? Oh yeah, I remember that guy. He’s all wet.

The fact that Neko Case was the narrator just sold it even more, I was surprised Motor Trend didn’t really advertise much, caught me by surprise the night it aired. Great write up on a great film from one of the local greats.

Long time, no see, Matt!  Good to see you!

Trying to sleep in the cab of a truck at Devil’s Playground was one of the most unpleasant things I’ve ever done. “Try to relax and fall asleep, and ignore the fact that it feels like you’re suffocating.” I probably shouldn't have gone right up there within 24 hours of arriving from Missouri. 

Thanks for the writeup. Last year Jalopnik wrote that we should make the show weirder and we listened. It gets weird!

They should have David Tracy and his J10 running around the track and leaving lil rust trails. And have Uncle Torchy drive his Yugo at full speed. 

The H-platform LeBaron GTS with its 150hp turbo engine had a solid 50% more under the hood than the base E30 or E28 of the day, & other than being FWD (which most consumers preferred anyway) was mostly comparable to either series of BMW.

It’s the Alpha it’s number one it’s the winner

From Hardhome Depot, of course!

One of my former coworkers happens to be the daughter of a former governor of Texas, and who happens to sit on the foundation board of the school named for her, which happens to have been founded with the help of Ms. Bullock, who happens to remain a close friend of this former coworker in question. Read more

This is the new fad. My current project: