@Duesy SJ: The marines are getting the QOTD because of the 235th anniversary. And people suggest QOTD, so I don't really understand your problem. Or why you're telling it to me.

@Duesy SJ: I'm not really sure what coast guard vehicles has to do with this.

@Duesy SJ: Uh, yeah, obviously. That was the point. Not everyone knows all these things about the marines... that's why it's surprising to some people.

@greencow: Seeing as they often use helicopters and humvees and generally don't go places alone, a motorcycle seems somewhat surprising to me too.

@greencow: He's not saying anything about the bike is surprising, he's saying it's surprising that the marines have a motorcycle because, you know, they're marines.

@vdiddy210 - Can Also Drive 90 in a 40: Well, Louis might like the cars on the list, but I bet Luis, the writer, was pretty impartial. All of the cars on the list are suggestions from commenters that were successful. They only choose ten for the list, so obviously they can't please everyone.

@RX-Elise: Or maybe this list is made of user suggestions? And a commenter out there has successfully recommended the Wrangler?

@16X4ME: It's a list based off user suggestions. And then only ten are chosen, so for a topic like this, obviously there's a lot of choices.

@GTRbrian: They got on the list because lots of people commented about them.

@CoDRoX: I'm not saying the word was the best choice. I never did. I've given my reasoning for why Jalopnik kept using it and that is all. Read more

@CoDRoX: You were rude. You corrected me initially and I gave you a definition, proving I knew what I was talking about. Yet again you replied, and you nearly restated the definition I gave you, but this time you even had the gall to pretend that I didn't know, as if it's not up there in writing. Read more

@CoDRoX: The question was posed to users to ask what cars they thought resembled their owners. As I said before, if the Jalopnik commenters take liberties with the question, it is hardly Jalopnik's fault. Read more

@Treevor: Ha, perhaps. Either way, I'm not a fan of his new title, it's not right at all.

@Hombre3000: The title was based on the question from the day before. If the readers take liberties with the wording and answer it a little differently, you can't then change the title of AOTD to better suit what was said in QOTD. That just wouldn't make any sense.