Erik Shilling
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Dec 1

To think, I don’t own a single car with a cabin air filter.

All of that crud is IN MY LUNGS.

Nov 30

It has, and it is, for the worse. Too little, too late, only because they have to.

Nov 30

But I have been told if we just leave it to the free market to sort it all out that the world will look like this.

Nov 23

She’s the best CEO they’ve ever had who inherited a mess from the worst CEO they ever had.

Nov 19

Shilling is vehemently opposed to liking things. It’s his whole shtick. 

Sep 24

Has anyone at Jalopnik ever blogged about how advertising 0-60 times or top speeds multiple times the legal speed limit is just as irresponsible if not dangerous as these dumb ads? I should have. Dammit.

Jul 20

German animals wouldn't think of crossing a road except at a marked crossing.

May 21

I think I’ve talked myself into trying to do my Z’s timing belt, but every time I research it, I get intimidated at the long list of stuff I’m supposed to buy (based on the “while you’re in there, you might as well...” forum advice.) Read more

May 8

you can tell this video is 15-20 years old because everybody has a lighter instead of a cell phone, lol

May 8

I owned the Big Time 12" single (1986) as a kid and it had a version of this song that wasn’t available digitally until a couple of years ago. It has a sparse bass heavy mix and a bigger dose of Youssou N’Dour.

May 8

One of my favorite songs on an iconic 80s album.

Apr 27

Yeah, the brain short circuits sometimes when we mix decimals and percentages! Your point stands; the streets of smaller cities get ravaged with closures every spring and fall weekend by 5k fun run mania, and people manage okay. 

Apr 27

This is a ridiculous take. If you close streets to cars, how will the mayor’s motorcade drive to Brooklyn? How will NYPD officers use parking tags in no-parking zones?