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“If you’re under 65 and have a paper boarding pass, I’m just going to assume you are going to cause delays during my airport experience,” one person tweeted.
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Yes, as many of you have pointed out: The headline initially said “$2 a day” when it should have said “$2 an hour.” That was my mistake, and I’ve fixed it. Thank you to the comment section for alerting us to this error! Read more

look, can we all just kinda admit that private vehicles suck? Read more

Gotta give credit to the comment section: you folks discovered two errors I’ve now corrected: Read more

2nd. Gear: Musk and Twitter. My take is more “rich guy doesn’t like that the playground has rules so he wants to buy it and play with his rules, or perhaps no rules, along with everybody else.” Read more

I used to live in Brooklyn, and never heard of leaving car double parked overnight. You will get ticket and/or towed. As for alternate side parking dance. I saw it, never participated, just hunted for right spot day before, even if it meant a hike to get home Read more

Let me just say that if I did what he did, I am telling every fucker I know and everyone I meet that I have been to motherfucking space.  Read more

Instead, I hereby propose a simple, achievable definition of “going to space,” which is that you must orbit the Earth at least once while you’re up there, something that Branson did not do. Read more

Why the hate? Someone’s gotta fork over the big bucks if our governments won’t. Let the Bazillionare Space Race commence, and godspeed, I say. We’ll get some actual technological advancements that will further mankind’s journey into the cosmos, while also having a chance to witness some one-percenter explode on

An affordable EV that looks good and isn’t too big? Could we be so lucky? Read more

Maybe it’s cause I like brutalist architecture (I also loved Cadillac’s early Art & Science era) , but the design and color of this car is my kinda jive. It’s a shame it’ll probably start around 40k, which means the one you want will be 50k, and almost any gas powered car at 50k is going to be cooler than an electric Read more

Every time we diss Maze-spin someone will invariably come up and say “ well, can YOU drive as well as he does?” Read more

My money is on Checo this weekend, for no reason other than I think he’s really good.  Read more

I love rooting for Gasly. If it wasn’t Perez, I’d root hard for Gasly to come ahead of the other Red Bull. Choke on that decision a little bit more.  Read more

Dude, it’s the bloody nipple stage of the marathon. Read more

Man, thats a wrap for Fernando. Lettuce recall the times he was in a pickle with his career He’s older, wiser, totally NOT a ham. However, I suspect this return to F1 might just be for the bread. Any way you slice it, ‘Lonso is still a grate. I wait for the day when he’s once again cheesing for the cameras. Heres to ho Read more

I don’t know that picking on teenagers who simply want an inhabitable planet makes him a good writer. Read more

Your story sounds like mine, Grew up outside Cleveland, Dad went to vocational school and became a mechanic. Bought his first used set of tools from someone retired. Used money he saved from fixing up and selling a couple cars before he graduated. Read more