Andrew P. Collins
Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles
9/25/20 1:45PM

Yeah, it’s a valid question for sure. Well, if you have clean/warm ones that have been in your truck, and you’re trying to get off a patch that’s snowy/ice with some traction, they could work. Read more

9/18/20 2:03PM

Somebody wrote in with another article on this that suggests using compressed air (or a leafblower, haha) to get ash off... which might work too I guess!

9/08/20 3:07PM

They have mobile balancing machines for sure. Alignment, I’m not sure if that’s possible to do mobile-style.

9/08/20 1:19PM

I am totally fine with the new Z being an incremental improvement on the 370Z. In fact, to me, it just means the car will be easier to maintain and modify. If it keeps the stick, I’m going to be pretty tempted by this. Read more

9/04/20 11:34AM

My new trillionaire fantasy is going to Mitsubishi and being like “call anyone who worked on the Pajero Dakar program 20 years ago and build me a singular brand-new street-legal SUV with a hilarious engine/transmission combo. Here’s two million bucks to get the ball rolling.”

8/31/20 10:39PM

I don’t think so. I never saw dangerous temperatures and the stock temp gauge never even moved. I’m just paranoid.

8/31/20 3:48PM

Oh man I forget mine’s on all the time haha. My wife has caught me sitting at my computer wearing one and being like “uh, you can’t catch the rona from your commenters.” Read more