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Rick: Possibly. At this point, my plans for Beater Review are up in the air. I would imagine, after a few weeks off the front lines, the bug will bite again and I'll need to start writing reviews. Stay tuned, and thanks for the well wishes. Read more

@EnochEuterpe: Yeah, I hear ya. It's a rough gig right now; actually, it's always kind of a rough gig. The differences between ad copywriting pressures and Jalopnik senior editor pressures aren't less vs more; they're just different. Read more

Thanks for all the kind words and well-wishes, guys. You may finally see a new Beater Review article posted — that or I'm just going to scrap the site entirely. Haven't quite decided yet. Either way, it's been a hell of a ride. Read more

Note that the post changed a little from when it was initially published. Car ME editors got in touch to say their initial 5-star rating was an error and that it should have been 4 stars; also that they in fact published about two hours after the embargo ended. Sorry for any confusion. Read more

125 in an '88 Prelude Si. Yes, I was going downhill. Read more

@mrton: You're right—the ix55 IS a Veracruz; chalk it up to typing too fast and thinking about the Santa Fe Hybrid that was also mentioned. The reference has been changed in the copy but the original has been left as a testament to my shame. Read more

I actually had a Yard Machines/B&S combo that I maintained fastidiously. It ran very well for about 5 years (until about two years ago) then the carb/fuel system would act as though it had *gasp* water in the fuel. Fresh fuel, tank drainings, etc, nothing would help for long. I finally gave up and chalked it up to a Read more

@zeet: @sos10: @sos10: Point taken. Just because it's on an Aussie Web site doesn't mean it's in Australia. Reference to country removed until positive ID is provided. Read more

@FЯeeMan: The graphic is fine—it's your editor here with the problem. Resaved sans inaccurate graphic size attributes. My humble apologies. Read more

@long_live_the_E36: My comment about not being willing to suffer meant that I'll tolerate compromises with my daily driver but I'm not willing to suffer with a totally flabby, uninteresting ride (the opposite of how I think you took it). Read more

@Cosmo_Kramer: I live for the technical hoohah. And I respect that your source says 220, but I've got two different sets of printed specs that say 188. Could've been a bad tank of gas at the proving ground that day. Read more

@Cosmo_Kramer: I confirmed in two different manuals that the base Pontiac 400 was 180 HP, the T/A 400 was 188 HP. Read more

@badco/LoJ: Automotive News ran a piece that seemed to imply his quotes were in response to the bankruptcy issue. To avoid confusion and be as accurate as possible, I have edited the original statement. Read more

@reefer: You're right, of course; I should have mentioned Equinox despite the fact that it's about Malibu sized, just taller. Read more