so why dont you just drive the car yourself, volvo?!

"Volvos have close to 60 percent lower injury rates compared to the average modern vehicle in Sweden" It's quotes like this that remind me ho basic our government mandated crash testing is.The speed its performed at is especially stupid.It doesnt give manufacturers any motivation to build cars which perform best in Read more

AutoBlog was very disappointed with the engine note when it was on: Read more

I don't want a car that's liable to steer me in the wrong direction. If the simplest of electronics can fail, why can't a complex steering system? Can't we all just agree to forget about overly invasive car nannies and let Darwin's theory work its magic? Read more

You do it again. Editor, there's no Dakar in South America. Like it or not, it is the capital city of Senegal, which is in the western edge of Africa. Please get your facts right if you are going to be in the news business. Read more

So, what about the Americas? What are we, chopped liver? Read more

edit: just realized that the top part isn't connected to the car. Weird.

Still hate this hood cut line.

Can someone tell me what that ginormous tube in the engine bay is? If it's the intake tube, that has to be the biggest one I've ever seen. Read more

Anyone else digging the M3 design curves and dimensions significantly more than it's 2 door brother? Read more

GOD I want one. These cars look, as Chris Harris would say, mega. BMW of Alexandria, I am stopping by to drive one when they are available. Just so you know. Read more

So much porn. I cannot believe how good these look. And if the M5 performance is anything to go by, these things will be even faster and more powerful than BMW says. Watch out, 911. Read more

And don't forget, that's still a conservative number from BMW. Read more

so, with the Avalanche dead it's gonna look like a silverado :p Read more

Is it bad that I want one of these in real life...

"sub-seven minute...sub-seven minute...blah, blah, blah"

Personally, I'm gonna call BS... They won't give an exact time, or a full length video of the lap, so why should I believe them?

Full Length, timed lap video, or didn't happen... Read more