Australian Town Won't Let Top Gear Film Loud Australian V8 Supercar

Australia is a nation where everything, and I mean literally everything, can kill you. It is a risk to live there, yet they apparently won't risk hurting their ears, which is why they wouldn't let Top Gear shoot an episode in one Aussie town with their amazingly loud Aussie V8 supercars.

The plan was for Jeremy Clarkson to travel down to the land down under to test out a Holden V8 Supercar at Holden's Driving Centre in Norwell. Sounds like a great idea.


But the problem is that the Gold Coast didn't relax its noise restrictions in time, and the test can't go ahead. That's right, Australia's noise restrictions don't allow an Australian V8 Supercar to run unless the law is changed.

What a world.

People on the Gold Coast are also ticked off, because the failure to relax the laws for Top Gear has gotten rid of the chance for a ton of free publicity.

That means that Top Gear has had to change plans, and go away from the elegant Gold Coast of Australia to the town of Warwick, which Australian news describes as " a nice place but hardly Australia’s tourism capital." Sounds lovely.

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