Not content to end up in a punky post-apocalyptic world because of an energy shortage, a la the great Australian film The Road Warrior, the Australian version of AAA is requesting the government implement some sort of average fuel limits similar to our CAFE standards. The NRMA thinks the move could save the country 1.4 billion gallons of fuel a year, as well as drop costs for the consumer. Lacking these standards, the Australians have produced vehicles such as the V8-powered FPV Super Pursuit Ute and HSV Tourer. As an alternative they could just stop driving with Koalas in their grilles.


Said the NRMA president, "For too long, Australia's automotive industry has been allowed to play by its own rules, setting paltry voluntary targets and consistently building and importing cars that consume more fuel than their overseas counterparts." That's ridiculous; voluntary standards always work... []

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