After nearly three years of construction and thousands of fevered prayers from camino enthusiasts, along with an equal number of curses from BMW fanboys, the BMW M5 Ute is finally complete. The super-ute debuted last weekend in New South Wales at the Deniliquin Ute Muster, the worlds largest gathering of vehicles that do business up front while partying in the back. The M5 Ute goes to professional golfer and apparent hoon artist Stuart Appleby, who commissioned the build and happily takes the keys, admitting it's โ€œa bit out of left field.โ€ This news raises three points.
First, we're conflicted by the idea of a golfer taking delivery of such custom-car awesomeness, but considering it was his dollars and dreams that made it so, he can't be a normal golfer. Second, we need complete detail images, performance specs, and burnout and hoonage videos, immediately. We're actually a little hurt the car didn't debut by power-sliding through a herd of kangaroos while leaping through a ring of fire. Finally, the Deni Ute Muster โ€” how did we not know about this event? It's got a list of ten commandments (.pdf) which reads like every out-of-control tailgate party we've ever been to. And over 6,000 utes in one place! In Australia! Plane tickets. We need them. (Thanks for the tip Chris) []