Aussies protest burnout ban with burnouts

Officials running the V8 Supercar race this weekend in Perth made the mistake of telling the racers that, should they win, burnouts were forbidden en route to the podium. Telling Aussies not to burnout is clearly about as effective as telling Texans not to boast and Coloradans not to resent boastful Texans.


This weekend's V8 Supercar race may be remembered for a major burning up of Karl Reindler's Holden Commodore, but it was an in-your-face burnout of the top three finishers that's the real news.


In the face of a reprimand for ignoring instructions not to burnout at the end of the race, the top three finishers proudly let loose for a little controlled loss of traction.

"We're not allowed to show any emotion and put on a show for the people who pay the money to come watch us race," third-place finisher Garth Tander said. "What a joke."

Burn those slicks with pride, gents.

(Hat tip to SmokyBurnout!)

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