There's a wonderful, Mamet-esque line in The Rock I'm fairly certain was added by Aaron Sorkin in one of his uncredited punch-ups, and it's "Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen." Only Sean Connery in a movie about escaping from Alcatraz could deliver such pure machismo nonsense and make it sound almost poetic.

The only thing that made it better is the hilariously named Stanley Goodspeed retorts "Carla was the prom queen." I.e., sometimes being a nerd is badass. I say this because Audi's big Super Bowl ad is called "Prom" (Worth It) and implies that randomly grabbing and kissing the prom queen is worth it if it even means getting your ass kicked.

While it doesn't seem consensual, it does seem that the young woman is into it. Or that she's drunk. It is the prom after all. I like this ad even if by Connery's standards he's still a loser.